These days I’ve been moving the whole website here, my new domain (

The main reason why I chose to change my domain name after two years was that with this name I think that the domain feels way more personal and I just thought that this one could be the exact moment to change it so my whole “professional” carreer will be referred to one website instead of several…

That means that my first “serious” reel will be found here so for instance the only reference that companies will find to my website will be just this domain.

I’ve also changed the CMS from dotClear to WordPress and its theme which I think that feels way more elegant.

I’m still using my own gallery system and I found a way to make it work almost-seamlessly with wordpress, which is something that I didn’t had previously with dotClear… So I think that this change is definitively for good.

So come on! take a look at my website!

I hope you like it. 😉

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