TOEIC results

About two weeks ago I took the TOEIC (test of english for international comunication) and today I’ve picked up the results, the score is 890 out of 990, well I think that it is a good score, but I know that I can improve it. Unfotunately the day I was taking my test I was pretty sick so I couldn’t concentrate whatsoever and I didn’t heard some things because I was sneezing (sounds funny, but if you’re takin a test and trying to listen something, its NOT!) and they just play once the recording :(… Anyways, I think that this one is a good score, taking into account that I didn’t prepared anything for taking that test, I didn’t studied anything, not even the day before taking the test, so it’s not a bad score.

So my overall score was 890 divided in:

-Listening: 455 (I could get 495 if I didn’t sneezed that much!)
-Reading: 435 (uhm… whatever… :P)

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