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Well, the title almost says everything, I finally got my Bachelor in Computer Science, btw, my Final Degree Project was a Third-person 3D Graphics Adventure Game Maker for the iPhone. (yup, cool stuff) I went to Siggraph in New Orleans, where I met a lot of people and asked stuff concerning my reel, now I […]

One small update for a man…

…a giant leap for a mankind. I’ve been really busy lately so I didn’t had time to update. From October to December I did my end-of-degree internship at CeVI (graphics R&D department of Jaume I University) where I did some 3d Generalist work and helped in a couple projects. Since October I’ve been also at […]

Ok, so here is my first post in spanish, this explains a bit why I don’t want to work as a computing engineer, at least in Spain, basically what this whole thing says is that we don’t have any legal rights: “El pasado 23 de octubre el Ministerio de Educación presentó las fichas de los […]

Compositing & Render Workshop

Last weekend I attended a vray & compositing workshop/seminar conducted by JJ Palomo (a.k.a 3DBlasphemy) in PepeSchoolLand. I’ve learned that you don’t need to do any “super-cool” render to archieve highly realistic results, it’s everything in the compositing phase… 😉 just with a decent render you can make it rock after the compositing phase (so […]

Character Setup Workshop

Last weekend I’ve been in a character setup workshop conducted by the great Daniel M. Lara (a.k.a pepeland) in PepeSchoolLand. He teached all of us a lot of improvements and tricks to make a rig as simple and efficient as it could be. Because lots of times we (rigger-wannabes) pretend to do rigs with as […]