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Untitled Shortfilm

During these days I have been helping out a friend with the recording of his new shortfilm (untitled) where I have been production assistant (kind of). I absolutely loved the idea of being in the set during the recordings, there was a great team of people, more than 30 people (I think the final count […]

CG Gallery v0.04

Last two days I’ve been working on a small update for my own gallery system (CG Gallery). Unfortunately I don’t have much time to spend woking on it, taking into account that right now I’m studying stuff for college… So this small update was just to fix some bugs I’ve found since last version when […]

New Gallery System!

Since I wasn’t really happy with the DotClear gallery plugin, I’ve taken advantage of the holidays period to write my own gallery system and I’m pretty happy with the results, I still have to end up writing the RSS Feed, but the gallery is fully functional. Written in PHP + MySQL is quite simple, but […]

Gallery changes

During the last couple days I’ve been working on the way the gallery shows. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough time to work on graphics stuff, but for the next month I will keep on uploading new stuff.