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(chimp sculpted in forger starting from the provided generic bust basemesh) Finally, about a year after starting to work on it, and over two years after writing the first rough version, is available on the AppStore. (note that this was originally known as iSculpt) forger is a sculpting app for the iPad. For a full […]

I spent the last few months doing some low res sculpt tests to see if it would be worth for me to start working on a project that I have in mind, and the truth is that I am pretty happy with the results. I have always said that the details in a sculpt don’t make […]

Modeling reel

This is my 2009 Modeling reel. I am looking for work as a Modeler. Everything is improvable, and the more I look at it, the more I hate some models or parts of these models, but I had to finish it at some point, and I think that this was the correct time to say […]

Online Sketchbook

About a month ago I started an online sketchbook where I upload all the stuff I draw, the best sketches from there will be uploaded here, to my sketches gallery (right now is hidden) I will try to upload new stuff every week if I have enough time… The sketchbook is located in my subdomain […]

Gallery changes

During the last couple days I’ve been working on the way the gallery shows. Unfortunately, I didn’t had enough time to work on graphics stuff, but for the next month I will keep on uploading new stuff.