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One of the lovely WordPress updates broke the plugin that I was using to add raw php to wordpress posts so I could use a php gallery system that I wrote a while ago, so let’s just say that the gallery is now offline. I really don’t have any time to play around with this […]

Generalist/Pipeline TD Reel

Well, this is my 2009 TD reel, in this demoreel. I talk about a iSculpt, a really simple piece of sculpting software that I have developed. I did this reel just in case I am not able to find a job as a modeler given the hard times. Hope you guys like it. More info: […]

These days I’ve been moving the whole website here, my new domain ( The main reason why I chose to change my domain name after two years was that with this name I think that the domain feels way more personal and I just thought that this one could be the exact moment to change […]

website opening!

new logo! here it is! my own logo, all of my images and artwork will be watermarked with it… hehe… what do you think about it? I’ve added also my favicon based on my logo. Updated Wip Section with new shaders, textures, and haircut for my Sloane’s wip.