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Modeling reel

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This is my 2009 Modeling reel. I am looking for work as a Modeler.

Everything is improvable, and the more I look at it, the more I hate some models or parts of these models, but I had to finish it at some point, and I think that this was the correct time to say “stop”. It is also good the fact that I am able to see some errors, for me that means that if I am able to find them, I might be able to correct them too, the “real” problem would be if I were unable to see any of them, I guess…

That being said, I still like my reel and I hope it can get me a work.

You can watch/download my Modeling reel in the reel section.

Generalist/Pipeline TD Reel

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Well, this is my 2009 TD reel, in this demoreel.
I talk about a iSculpt, a really simple piece of sculpting software that I have developed. I did this reel just in case I am not able to find a job as a modeler given the hard times. Hope you guys like it.

More info:
iSculpt is the core of a simple sculpting application, this core has been developed in C++ and OpenGL|ES 1.1 for maximum compatibility.

In this video I’m showing an iPhone version and a cross-platform Computer version.
As of right now I have absolutely no intention in continuing the development of iSculpt.

You can download the TD Reel on the reel section.
Be sure to read the TD Reel Breakdown before or after watching it.

Well, the title almost says everything, I finally got my Bachelor in Computer Science, btw, my Final Degree Project was a Third-person 3D Graphics Adventure Game Maker for the iPhone. (yup, cool stuff)

I went to Siggraph in New Orleans, where I met a lot of people and asked stuff concerning my reel, now I finally know that not only a modeling reel is about the “quality” of the models included, but also about the different range of them that you show, (say variety) so I decided to include two models more to my reel.

I think that that’s all for now, I have done so much stuff since my last post that I could write an entire book about it, but I prefer to continue working on my modeling reel, instead of telling stupid stories. That’s all for now…

One small update for a man…

…a giant leap for a mankind.

I’ve been really busy lately so I didn’t had time to update.
From October to December I did my end-of-degree internship at CeVI (graphics R&D department of Jaume I University) where I did some 3d Generalist work and helped in a couple projects.

Since October I’ve been also at the same time working on my end-of-degree project which is going to be great (I hope so) can’t tell much about it yet… Its still under our own NDA (sort of) lol but as far as I can say its going to be something playable for a mobile platform… ok, maybe too much info 😛

Also, in the meantime I am doing a bunch of speedsculpts just for practice before I start with the actual reel models.

BTW, yesterday the spanish government agreed to take a look about Computing Engineers thoughts regarding government’s disrespect to computing engineery.

Ok, so here is my first post in spanish, this explains a bit why I don’t want to work as a computing engineer, at least in Spain, basically what this whole thing says is that we don’t have any legal rights:

“El pasado 23 de octubre el Ministerio de Educación presentó las fichas de los nuevos títulos de grado y master de todas las ingenierías menos la de informática cumpliendose así los peores presagios. La excusa ha sido que nuestra ingeniería no tiene atribuciones y que la informática es una materia transversal y por lo tanto no debe de concentrarse en una titulación concreta.

Las consecuencias de esta situación son:

– Desaparece la ingeniería en informática. Se cumple el deseo de muchos. Por fin desapareceremos y dejamos el camino libre al ejercito de aficionados y “reciclados” para erigirse como los nuevos y verdaderos informáticos. Dejaremos de ser un problema.

– Nuestros títulos no serán homologables a ninguno al no existir correspondencia con los nuevos títulos.

Nunca tendremos atribuciones profesionales. No la hemos tenido hasta ahora y al desaparecer ya no las tendremos nunca. No sabemos que pasará con los nuevos títulos aunque por su caracter local a cada universidad no parece posible que lleguen a tener atribuciones.

Los títulos actuales no tendrán validez. Al no poder homologarnos con los nuevos títulos que pudieran aparecer en el futuro nuestros actuales títulos iran perdiendo validez y se quedarán como el recuerdo del mayor engaño del sistema educativo español.

Los actuales estudiantes están siendo objeto de engaño. Las universidades no informan temiendo una huida en masa que dejarían vacías a las escuelas de informática.

No podremos trabajar en Europa. Al no existir por lo dicho en los puntos anteriores, nuestros títulos no se corresponderán a ningún título europeo. Las nuevas fichas de ingenieros de telecomunicación recogen las competencias de la informática por lo que serán ellos quién se queden con nuestra parcela de trabajo.

– Las universidades tendrán autonomía para inventar títulos relacionados con la tecnología de forma local y diferente entre ellas. Las universidades privadas harán su agosto y por fin todo el sistema universitario cumplirá su sueño de que todo el mundo pueda ser informático con independencia de sus estudios. ::-::