Compositing & Render Workshop

Last weekend I attended a vray & compositing workshop/seminar conducted by JJ Palomo (a.k.a 3DBlasphemy) in PepeSchoolLand.

I’ve learned that you don’t need to do any “super-cool” render to archieve highly realistic results, it’s everything in the compositing phase… 😉 just with a decent render you can make it rock after the compositing phase (so you can have quicker renders). I’ve also learned to know when to work more on details or just making it simpler if it is not going to be closer to the camera, this may sound stupid but it’s impressive how can some really simple almost-cubed-shaped models work when you’re not making closeups of them (and if those are moving and with some motion blur…even better! lol) and a lot of quick-tricks that he teached us for archieving stunning results faster…

He also teached us some things they have been working on since he founded his own VFX Studio, BLR – Big Lazy Robot.

Finally I’ve decided to work just on my modeling reel which is supposed to be available on late 2009.

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